Statement on HB2 in North Carolina

The following statement regarding the North Carolina Legislature’s action to leave HB 2 as enacted should be attributed to Chris Wallace, President, Texas Association of Business:

“After months of debate and an unprecedented special session by the North Carolina Legislature, it’s unfortunate to see that the state chose not to repeal the discriminatory law created by HB 2. North Carolina and states that embrace discriminatory legislation will continue to suffer dire economic consequences, losing revenue, major events and disrupting job creation and investment.

“That’s why the Texas business community has made clear that discriminatory laws like HB 2 have no place in Texas. We can’t afford to slam the door on the Texas Miracle, and create an environment hostile to business, unsafe and unwelcoming for citizens and harmful to our larger economy and prosperity. Keep Texas Open for Business will continue to press our own Texas lawmakers to roundly reject discriminatory bills, no matter how they’re phrased or what they’re named.”

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Learn more about Keep Texas Open for Business and the negative impact of discriminatory legislation on the state and people of Texas online at

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