Stop Discriminatory Legislation in Special Session: Urge Lawmakers to Reject Bathroom Bills!

For years the Texas Legislature worked tirelessly to create a tax, regulatory and public policy environment that made Texas the economic envy of the U.S. Unnecessary and discriminatory legislation could roll back that progress, negatively impact our economy and slam the door on the Texas Miracle. Make your voice heard today.

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Discriminatory Legislation Is Bad For Business Keep Texas Open for Business is working to ensure our state leaders understand the profoundly negative impact discriminatory legislation could pose to Texas. Our ability to attract, recruit and retain top talent, encourage new business relocations, expansions and investment, and maintain our economic competitiveness are threatened by proposed discriminatory legislation. Join the Coalition
Letters From TX Businesses Opposing Discriminatory Legislation
Global Investors—Representing More Than $11 Trillion in Assets—Urge Texas Lawmakers to Reject SB6 Learn More
Corporate Leaders Urge Governor Abbott: No Discriminatory Legislation Learn More
80+ Businesses Urge Texas Lawmakers: Reject Discriminatory Legislation Learn More
The Economic Impact of Discrimination in Texas Read the Full Economic Impact Study Download Infographic
Track Legislation Texas businesses are standing together to show the impact discriminatory legislation could pose to our state's ability to attract, recruit and retain top talent, encourage new business relocations, expansions and investment and maintain our economic competitiveness.
Track Active Legislation
Press Releases The latest in our business-led campaign to keep Texas open for everyone. Read Press Releases
Having helped establish this world-renowned and highly-desirable brand, we at SXSW are extremely concerned about the negative impact of impending statewide legislation. The proposed expansion of the Texas Religious Freedom Restoration Act will be divisive and counter-productive (like similar legislation elsewhere) and SXSW is adding its voice to the many others who oppose it. SXSW supports the Texas Association of Business (TAB) in opposing all discriminatory legislation. Hugh Forrest, Chief Programming Officer, SXSW
As a state, we must remain committed to protecting Texas’ reputation of being economically vibrant and welcoming, Discrimination against anyone will hinder Texas’ business climate and culture—positive traits that especially define Austin’s reputation and attract the diverse talent pool that is critical to our creative city. As a company born and raised here, we recognize the damage division will have on the success of business and denounce the pursuit of discrimination. Duff Stewart, CEO of GSD&M
Texas must do all it can to ensure that it remains open to business for all. We are battling workforce shortages and increasing demands for science and technology talent in Texas and across the U.S. If Texas intends to compete, we need to reject discrimination and embrace state policy that values education, diversity, inclusion and innovation. Caroline Joiner, TechNet’s Executive Director for Texas
Discriminatory legislation is bad for business. Our economic study points to the dire and far-reaching impact of discriminatory legislation on Texas businesses, our communities, families, jobs and the larger state economy. We must Keep Texas Open for Business. We cannot slam the door on the Texas Miracle of openness, competitiveness, economic opportunity and innovation. Chris Wallace, President of the Texas Association of Business (TAB)

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