$1 million radio ad campaign warns lawmakers:
Texas can't afford discriminatory laws!

Texans agree: Bathroom bills are costly and unnecessary

Discrimination is bad—it’s bad for Texas and bad for our economy. In a $1 million radio ad campaign airing statewide, Texans make the case to lawmakers that we can’t afford to go down the dangerous road of discrimination. Listen to the ads below, and then take action to urge lawmakers to reject discriminatory “bathroom bill” legislation.

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Discriminatory Bathroom Bill Could Cost Dallas the NFL Draft

Small Business Owner Urges Lawmakers to Focus on Real Issues—Not Unnecessary Bathroom Bills

Don't Let Texas Make the Same Mistakes As North Carolina

Conservative Judge Urges TX Lawmakers to Use Common Sense By Opposing Discriminatory Bathroom Bills

San Antonio Business Leaders Unite Against Discriminatory Bathroom Bills

San Antonio Chambers of Commerce Warn Against Economic Perils of Bathroom Bills

Stop Discriminatory Legislation in Special Session: Urge Lawmakers to Reject Bathroom Bills!

For years the Texas Legislature worked tirelessly to create a tax, regulatory and public policy environment that made Texas the economic envy of the U.S. Unnecessary and discriminatory legislation could roll back that progress, negatively impact our economy and slam the door on the Texas Miracle. Make your voice heard today.

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Discriminatory Legislation Is Bad For Business Keep Texas Open for Business is working to ensure our state leaders understand the profoundly negative impact discriminatory legislation could pose to Texas. Our ability to attract, recruit and retain top talent, encourage new business relocations, expansions and investment, and maintain our economic competitiveness are threatened by proposed discriminatory legislation. Join the Coalition