90+ Corporate Leaders Urge Governor Abbott to Stop Bathroom Bills
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Keep Texas Open for Business Logo

August 10, 2017

Dear Governor Abbott,

Our opposition to bathroom bills remains steadfast. We view these bills as unnecessary, and the passage of any of them would level significant economic harm and would impact real people.

This opposition continues to grow, with additional job creators joining this effort every day. Many of us have proudly stood on the front lines of other legislative battles with you, working to drive investment and job creation in Texas. But these bathroom bills are different.

We believe law enforcement leaders, sexual assault experts, and educators when they tell us that bathroom bills address no known problems.

We want Texas to continue to be an environment that is open and welcoming and that maintains a focus on job creation and prosperity.

We urge you to continue to keep Texas open for business to everyone.


cc: Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick
Speaker Joe Straus
Members of the Texas Senate and House of Representatives